Thursday, December 31, 2009

Want Happiness?? Add more ~ing to your life

I have to share an amazing and creative book written by: Gabrielle Bernstein.. I love that it doesn't matter how much money you make or what Manolo's you are going to wear or what designer Latte to order. The question is,when you look at the big picture ask yourself. ARE YOU HAPPY?? The questions we sometimes always forget to ask..When I wake up I always tell myself that today is going to be a great day (even if it's raining or super cold). As women we have sucked ourselves into a world filled with Cattiness,Competition and Jealousy.. Why??We put so much pressure on ourselves to be super thin,wear the must have designer jeans,own the best shade of gloss.. Remember to step back.. You can have these things, but the most important part of all of it, is to be Happy. These material things I mentioned earlier aren't going to do it long term.. So this book really inspires you to put the ~ing back in the way you think..

The key to this book that I learned, is to create a 30 day repetition of Physical activity,Positive affirmations and Creative visualization's that will deplete all the negative in your life.. This book will make you smile maybe even cry.. I love it and recommend it to all of you.. Super Fabulous and a must read. Yes, it states things that you probably have read in other books. The difference. you do some form of physical activity with each step.. Love it!

As we move into a New year, pick up this book and re-invent your mind, spirit and HAPPINESS...And remember to add the ~ing back in your life..I know I have


1 winner will win this amazing book. So please Twitter,Facebook and spread the love. Tell all your Fabulous friends to come over and leave a comment too.. Also tell me a little about yourself..Don't forget to leave me your e-mail so I can contact you.Good Luck..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bling! A must for New Years....

This is a must if you love Bling.. I own one that says "The fabulous Finds"..EXECUTEES..Created by a mom named Tracy Wright..She has created tees for many amazing people.. I love her tribute to Michale Jackson T.. Check out her wears at EXECUTEES.. I can only say one thing.. FABULOUS!

There is nothing better than a lollipop that offers a little BLING! SugarFactory adds a little sweetness to every lick. Couture pops, chocolate and Fashion . This is a company loved by many Celebs.. You too will fall in love. Check out Sugar factory.

Love this ring.. This is a great way to have a little sparkle on your finger without a heavy price tag. AmeliaRoseJewelry a one stop shop for amazing wrist,neck,arm and finger trinkets.. Start your new year right. Treat yourself or better yet ,have that special someone treat you.

Who wants yellow teeth? If you are a coffee drinker or love red wine.. My Friend this is the product for you. Used by many celebrities Icing 30 carats is what you need.. For just $99 your teeth will sparkle. I highly recommend. FABULOUS!icingteethwhitening

What little chooch doesn't want a little bling.. My Pacifier is the solution.. Little Harlow love hers. The concept created by a mom who was tired of having to write her child's name on his pacifier before dropping him off to daycare. She created this adorable pacifier line. They offer so many styles.. Check them out MYPACIFIER
I would like to say to all of you.. Happy New Year.. May 2010 bring you all much success and Health and Happiness..

Monday, December 28, 2009


Looking for Softlips....Do you have them???

Last Chance to Enter the 4th Annual Softlips® Picture Perfect Lips Model Search; ends December 31, 2009!

Here are the details! Please let your readers know about it! Somebody is going to win a $2,500 cash prize, a year supply of Softlips and more!

If you’ve been told you have great lips, don’t “kiss off” the compliment. Instead, enter the Softlips® Picture Perfect Lips Search, sponsored for the fourth year by the popular Softlips® lip conditioning line of products. The 2009 winner will receive a cash prize of $2,500, a year’s supply of Softlips® lip care products, the possibility of becoming a professional lip model, and the prestige of having the prettiest pucker in America, which will be posted online for all to see at

In addition to the grand-prize winner, there are also ten runners-up chosen by the judges who will take home a year supply of Softlips® lip care products, including a variety of flavors of the original Softlips® lip balm line (with SPF 20) and the new 100% natural, USDA-certified-organic Softlips® PURE line.

For the 2009 contest, there is the addition of a special “Fan Favorite” feature, as well, allowing Web site visitors to vote on their top choices from all the entries. The “Fan Favorite” will have received the most votes online, winning a year-supply of Softlips® lip products, as well.

The Softlips® Picture Perfect Lips Search is open to legal female U.S. residents, age 13 or older, and entrants will be judged by a panel of expert judges, including Danielle Korwin, president of the Parts Models modeling agency in New York City, the only modeling firm in the U.S. that specializes in parts models only – lips, eyes, hands, feet, etc.

For a full set of rules and photo guidelines, as well as an official entry form, visit Contest entries will be accepted online (with digital image) or via U.S. mail at: Softlips® Picture Perfect Lips Search, P.O. Box 675, Mount Kisco, NY 10549, starting today, through December 31, 2009. All winners will be announced and prizes awarded in January 2010.

Keep up to date on the latest from Softlips by “fanning” us on Facebook!

Softlips Goes Festive With New Winter Flavors

Softlips new limited edition winter flavors- Winter Mint, Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum Berry, and Sugar & Spice will bring the sweet taste of the winter to you. Each winter flavor comes paired with a complimentary Softlips® favorite lip balm for a suggested retail price of $2.99 to $3.99 for the dual-stick pack. Now through out the winter season, the limited addition flavors Sugar Plum Berry and Sugar & Spice are available nationwide at Target, and Winter Mint and Sugar Cookie are available nationwide at Walgreens.

For more information visit

Thursday, December 24, 2009

TAG SALE check it out! Piperlime

This sale only happens twice a year.. Get 40% off at Piperlime Your one stop shop for clothing accessories and shoes.. Head over there now what are you waiting for. Love this place.. Famous designers at amazing prices.. Oh I am going now..FABULOUS

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love to shop and own an ipod? Get the Piperlime app.

Have an iPhone? We have an app (And it’s making shopping a breeze)!

Just go to the App Store, search for Piperlime, download the app and shop away.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fabulous Gifts for Pets...

Pepper and Tanky.. So delightful..Why not have your pooch smelling like coco channel.. Only his or her scent might be vanilla Woof or Peaches and Cream. These Fabulous Products are worn on many Celebrity Pooches..I have a cockapoo named "Henry" and he is sporting Vanilla Woof.. I am telling you this is the best way for your furry friend to smell like they walked out of the Ritz Carlton Salon.. This makes the best gift.. Buy a couple of bottles and spoil your friends pets.. They will Woof you for it..XO

I love this product. I didn't get to see this in person so I am going off from what I read online. I am all about wine.. I have traveled to Napa and Sonoma many times. This is the best idea for dog bowls. They are recycled wine crates. You can have a single bowl or double. What I like is the height. Especially for larger dogs. Growing up my dad breed Golden Retrievers and watching them eat out of their bowls they looked hunched over.. So my dad would raise their bowls with stands.. When I came across Whiner and Diner. I just had to write about them. This not only goes with any kitchen ,mud room etc.. I love the creativeness and design, Everything. Plus they are made right here in my home state of Connecticut. Check out their site they have so many items to offer.. Great gift for anyone with a pet..

Earthbark is the movement that promotes environmentally responsible dog ownership.
We are passionate about reducing our dog's carbon paw print, embracing an earth friendly lifestyle and advocating for more dog friendly spaces in our communities.
Earthbark leads this campaign by being the ultimate resource of reliable information on environmentally sound dog ownership.

We believe that we must help our dogs guard our planet by being informed and by choosing earth friendly products and services. Earthbark identifies simple practices, reviews products and identifies local services that promote our dog's well being and at the same time make a big difference in doing our part to prevent our planet's global climate change.

There is a wide range of cool, well designed and award winning eco friendly products made out of recycled or reused materials that your dog will certainly enjoy. We help you make those smart and responsible choices by having Lola, our dog product tester, thoroughly research and test them.

We are also aware that as dog lovers, we would like to be able to take our companions almost everywhere we go. To be welcomed with our dogs in all types of businesses and have more "off leash parks" in our communities. The only way to get this, is by showing that we are responsible dog owners, not only with the care we provide to our pets, but also towards our environment and training our dogs to behave properly in public spaces.
Love it.. check them out..Sign up and pledge

Thursday, December 17, 2009

When Wrapping Up Those Toys Don't Forget BATTERIES!

When purchasing battery operated toys for your loved ones this holiday season, pair them with batteries designed for ‘greener living’ -- Fuji EnviroMAX, also a perfect stocking stuffer.

The much anticipated line -- maximum power with minimum impact -- comes in Super Alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D) and Digital Alkaline (AA, AAA) and is one of the first eco-respectful, high performance brands on the market -- mercury, cadmium and PVC-free and land-fill safe.

The batteries recently won two parenting awards from The National Parenting Center and iParenting Media.

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are competitively priced and match -- or even exceed -- the performance and lifespan of other major brands. You can read more about them online at

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Epson 810 all in one printer A must have this holiday season.

Epson Artisan 810 All in one printer should be on every ones list. Epson by far is the best product for quality picture printing. This machine offers so many unique options built in WiFi,you can make one of a kind projects,Professional Cd's,iPhone printing and charge your mobile device

Eco Features
•Estimated power consumption for one year is less than two dollars1
•Save up to 50% of your paper supply with automatic, two-sided printing
•Save even more by printing multiple pages on a single sheet
•Supports printing on recycled paper
•Designed to be recycled1
•ENERGY STAR® qualified
•RoHS compliant

Check out this video. You will be hooked. I made my Christmas cards on this amazing printer. get one today EPSON

Eco/Fun Outdoor gifts 2009

Brazilets.. We all want to have a genie we can give
three wishes too right? Well not needed with Brazilets. You get to wear your wishes. Tie three knots while saying your wishes write them on the card provided so you don't forget and when the bracelet falls off naturally your wishes come true. Founded by: Kael Robinson. This is a 200 year old Brazilian tradition. The best is a portion of the proceeds from Brazilets goes towards planting trees in the Brazilian Rainforest.. Check them out you will want every color.. Spread the wishes this holiday season. BRAZILETS

The Pico Arm Chair Telescoping Director's Chair. This is a must for anyone into Camping,Boating,Watching Sports,Tailgating. I own this chair and love it. I am a soccer mom of three athletic kids. I am always sitting at games. This chair is designed to fold up to laptop size. I love the compartments, the bag you can attach to the back for you magazines extra drinks anything. I have to tell you. I watch all the parents on the side line struggling trying to get that big fold up chair out of their bags.. Then when they sit, it's like they cave into the chair and they look so uncomfortable..I think The Pico is the way to go. Let's put comfort back in sitting. This makes for an amazing gift.. This company is run by two young entrepreneurs who are always scrambling and creating the next best thing for the outdoor market. Check out the rest of their products from canoe and kayak seats to camping stools. Get one in time for the holidays. GCIOUTDOOR

Attention bakers this is a must..Love n Bake is what you need for quality all Natural additions for your home baking. Your friends will think you you spent a ton of money at the Italian bakery down the street. The Chocolate Schmear is to die for Delish. I could eat it right out of the can. Well actually I did (don't tell anyone). I love that when you remove the labels you are given some great recipes. They are known for their almond paste. I have to say this paste is so amazing and creates the best cookies I have ever tasted..I can't forget to mention the Cinnamon smear, Yummy!.. This is so good when making home made cinnamon buns.. Check them out Grab a couple and start baking or buy some ,wrap them up and give as gifts. Your baking friend will love it..LOVENBAKE

I love,love this..I have given so many of these as gifts.. I am all about not having to breath in an air freshener that had just been sprayed. Plus they are bad for our environment and your health. Founded by: Suzy Batiz . I want to thank Suzy for creating such an amazing product.. The formula she created is an all natural essential oil base that masks smells in your toilet water. They offer travel sizes that are great when your on the GO.. The packaging works for all bathrooms and this makes for a great conversation piece. She also has created Pooch-pourri which is great to eliminate pet odors. She has , I love this Royal Flush for all the men in your life.. You will be amazed at the scent it leaves behind. This is a must. If it wasn't Fabulous I wouldn't tell you about it. So check out POO-POURRI

Produce bags. These are so amazing. No more pulling those plastic bags from the roll and then trying to figure out how to open the darn thing. These come in a package of 5 and the have a cinch top for opening and closing easily.. Love it.. A must for everyone.. Think outside of your produce box because these are multi functional.. Great for travel too.FLIPANDTUMBLE

These scream rainbow. I love these bags. Another great invention by Flip & Tumble. I love these so much.. You are probably saying O.K. they are just another re-usable bag what gives.. Well Again I wouldn't be writing about them if they weren't Fabulouso..These bags fold up into little balls and you can put them in your pocket.. LOve iT!Great for the Holidays and the colors are so yummy.. Check them out FLIPANDTUMBLE

Oh what can I say about Silver Moon.. (Sigh) Go out and buy these by the stinking case.. They are amazing. I am showing one of many flavors they offer this is one of my Faves. Pomegranate Martini.. Yes, these Ice creams and Sorbets are infused with Liqueur.. Must be 21 my friends. I think this is a unique gift and it will be liked by many. Shipped directly to your recipients home.. The packaging, a cooler and dry ice, so no worries.. This company makes the most flavorful desserts. I am in love.. Check them out and order up a bunch..This is way better than gift cards.. And seeing how online buying is all the rage you don't have to leave your house to purchase.. SILVERMOONDESSERTS

No they aren't chocolates.. They are Garden Bon Bons. I know I was amazed myself. These are all handmade by rolling seeds into Organic compost. They come in different shapes so you know what seeds are in each one. They offer different kits from Italian which will have basil,chives,parsley and thyme. They even have an herbal tea selection.. This will make for a gift to remember.. MOULTONOLOGY

With the environmental crisis we are in. This company Offers amazing ways for us to conserve energy and think green. The company Niagara Conservation. They offer great tools on how to help with things around the house. I learned that a normal light bulb gives only10% light and the rest is given off heat. By replacing your bulbs to fluorescence you will save 50% on your lighting bill or more. I now have those swirled looking light bulbs all thru my house. They do cost a little more but they last longer. Niagara offers conservation kits like the one you see above. They created different ones for cater to your needs. This really gives you a better insight on how to create a greener home. Oh and I forgot to mention. Each kit comes in a cardboard house.. Perfect for your child's barbies or Lego's.. Love it.. All about recycling my friend.. Check them out NIAGARACONSERVATION

O.K. This is a must have. I had so many water bottles in my house with my kids all in sports they were always being filled and brought to games. So many I them I throw away because of the plastic etc.. So after a long search I found Ech2O These are amazing. What makes them so great is they have a filter system that draws all the unnecessary things that are in our water. The filter life is up to 100 gallons of water and needs to be replaced every 12 months.. That's amazing. I love it,my kids love it. They use 304 Food Grade stainless steel bottles.. These are great for taking water from the tap,streams,rivers and lakes. The filter system will do the work..I recommend these bottles for everyone on your list. Check them out ECH2O

Yes, these are for everyone..Blackwell's Organic Gelato/Sorbet are so silky smooth and delicious. They also ship direct using a cooler and dry ice.. The flavors are all mouth watering. I love Mango.. Give these as a gift or order for yourself BLACKWELLSORGANIC

Boom Boom Revolution Cards.. Be kind and track it online..I think of it kind of like geocaching the only difference is you aren't trekking in the woods with a GPS.. The Boom Boom cards are a be kind pay it forward idea.Created by two amazing and creative women Mary Beth Campbell and Helen Scott. What makes this idea so great it you can spread kindness throughout out the country and beyond.. Here's how it works. You will get a box with cards that you have to register online. Very easy. Then you pick from the deck and follow thru with what the card says. For example: You pick a card that says buy someone a coffee.. You do the kind deed then you pass that card of to the person. They then log on enter location etc.. That person then will go and repeat your action to someone else.. A chain of Kindness.. Who wouldn't want to do this.. Who knows theperson you bought the cup of coffee forhas generated it across the country.. Craziness.. I love it Check them out BOOMBOOMCARDS

Sierra Club.. This makes for a great gift especially for a loved one who really loves doing something good and loves the outdoors.. Heck this makes for a great gift all together. The Club has put together a sponsor program for wild places. You can sponsor a national park in your recipients name. They will receive a gift and you as well a way for Sierra Club to say thank you . Just think you will make a difference by sponsoring Yosemite,Grand Canyon the Everglades.. Check this out.. I am all about helping out causes and this is at the top of my list along with Livestrong,American Diabetes etc, etc...SIERRACLUB

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This site was brought to my attention. I had to write about it. My youngest child is 5 but this would have helped when I first started out as a mom.. Great insight on all the unknown as a new parent thru a child's eye.. Very fun and chock full of Information.. Check them out..FABULOUS

I’d like to introduce you to, an online video resource that helps parents understand the world from their child’s perspective, using online videos to present science-based child development information in a fun, accessible way – by showing how and why young children think, do, feel, say and see the things they do. The online video series is called ‘The Just Ask Baby Show’ and real life 9-month-old talk show host Joey engages the family audience with his dry humor, wit and clever insight! As Joey chats with his adorable baby friends, they tell the story of how babies grow and develop in the first year of life - completely from a baby’s perspective.

Beacuse you are all Fabulous They are offering a 15 day free trial and 20% off your first purchase.. Use code: HOLIDAY

Monday, December 14, 2009

Need Help Finding a Holiday Dress?

Still in search of just the right dress to wear this holiday party season?

Designer and Dress expert, Shoshanna Gruss, gave tips on finding the perfect dress for every occasion this holiday season…


What is best to wear for your different holiday parties this year?

Family Affair: A pretty dress with an embellished neckline or embroidery, something you can throw a cardigan over, move around and have fun in.

Office Party: Simple shift or sheath dress that will take you from a day at the office to the party that night, with a change shoes and accessories.

Girls Night Out: A great strapless dress in a bold color like a violet or red is perfect. Add a cropped leather jacket or blazer to give it some edge.

What is the must-have accessory to spice up any outfit?

I think a statement necklace is the ultimate piece to pair with a dress for the season. It can instantly change an outfit.

What are the key dress trends to look for this holiday season?

Bright Bold Colors

Sequin and Shine

Embellished Necklines

How do you take your daytime outfit from the office to a holiday party?

Start with a simple dress shape, like a shift that can act as your blank canvas. During the day keep it simple with flats and delicate jewelry. Slip into fabulously high heels, and throw on a pair of great earrings or a vintage necklace for the office party later that evening.

How do you find the best dress for flattering your body type?

You have to find a shape that works for you and stick with it. Try on every shape you can until you find the one you are most comfortable in and shows off your best assets.

What are some ways to up the glamour of your favorite little black dress for the holiday season?

Accessories are the best way to glam up a LBD. You can use so many different kinds of colorful jewelry to stand out, play around and have fun with it. Also, a bright bold lip is a great way to spice up an outfit.

What in one must-have holiday piece that can be worn for every party occasion this season?

I think the perfect dress for any occasion is a simple shift- you can wear it so many ways (from a day at the office to a party at night) and make it look like a different dress with a change of accessories. It’s my go to dress for every holiday party this season.

What are your personal DOS and DON’TS for holiday party dressing?

NO Holiday Sweaters

DO Have Fun with Color

DON’T Be Afraid to Stand Out

DO Shop Your Closet- Mix and Match Old Pieces with New

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fabulous Holiday Specials Check these out

Check out these sites for amazing gifts.. Also Veronica M Clothing is offering 25% off site wide including sale items.. Use Code: WINTER09

Between their stores and website, NJC offers an array of about 150 designers and a fantastic array of price points for you to choose from. They have a huge selection of denim, apparel and jewelry. And they have an amazing kids' section as well!

The Shoe Box has been around for over 50 years and carries a number of footwear designers from budget friendly ones to luxe pieces. The variety is huge, so they are perfect for any story.

Veronica M. apparel has fashion forward pieces all under $150! From classic blazers and vintage inspired patterns, to chic tops and perfectly hugging wrap dresses, they are great visuals.

525 is a fabulous knitwear company for adults and children and sells everything from cozy cardigans to chic blouses. They also have a wonderful home section with soft blankets you will want to wrap yourself in.

Modern Vintage and RoseGold footwear are made from luxurious leathers and are exquisitely crafted. They carry everything from classic everyday boots to embellished, edgy ones.

Working out never looked so good. You don't have to look blah to feel comfortable. carries some of the hottest workout gear around today and is a one-stop shop for all of your studio and gym needs.

Fantasy Jewelry Box has a 2,000+ selection of all types of jewelry from fashion forward mixed-media layered necklaces and bold cocktail rings to bridal jewelry and classic pearls. Everything is under $200 and the best part is that they have an extensive under $100 and under $50 selection!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Guide 2009 Hostess/Entertaining Gifts

Drink me tags.. Mother daughter team Val and Sara Rossi created these adorable tags to add a little cheer to any wine or spirit bottle. These are sure to please. each collection comes with 4 tags. Making gift giving easier. Check out their site DRINKMETAGS

Better because of you..Looking for a good read? This is a must for gift giving. Simple insights on living a "Happier" life..Written by: Ginny Hutchinson & Cathy Haffer . I highly recommend..AMAZON

Mama says, "No more Frozen Pizza!" This is a must for the new cook in your life.. Two moms created easy recipes for anyone who's learning how to cook. The Packaging is Fabulous, comes in a pizza box and the recipes are done on round paperboard. Each Recipe tells how long the prep/cook time and how many each recipe will serve.. I think that even if you know how to cook the recipes are amazing.. 5 stars for this one.. Check it out at MAMASAYS

I am all about sparkling wines and Champagne. I love offering them at get togethers. This book The Bubbly Bar offers amazing recipes for your special occasion or any occasion for that matter. Written by: Maria C. Hunt . This book makes for a Fabulous Hostess or Entertaining gift. I think books make great gifts and it shows that you took a little time picking out something rather than bringing a bottle of wine.. You will stand out. Tie a bow around the book and attach a cork and this will sure please the Hostess with the Mostess.. Highly Recommend AMAZON.

Love this company..This makes for a great gift. Vivabox comes in assorted themes. You can choose a Coffee box,Wine,Spa and many more. The best part is you pick the theme when you send the gift off and after it's opened the receiver will try what you sent and in their package they will receive a gift card to pick out another gift to be delivered to them.. Fabulous. This makes for a unique gift.. 5 stars.. VIVABOXUSA

Sedarahc "Charades" backwards.. That's the whole concept of this game. Like charades only your group will act out for only one person.. Very fun a must for the holiday season. Great with Friends,Family,Co -Workers.. You will create a ton of laughs..Put a little twist to your holiday gift giving and purchase this game.. Love it! SEDARAHC

Destination Dinners. Fabulous way of sending the most creative gift to anyone that loves unique culinary food. I love the packaging and the easy recipes that are included along with a shopping list for any add ons that are needed to really enhance your meal. You will love the reusable containers that each ingredient comes in. I am telling you, this is sure to please anyone on your holiday list. They offer many creations from around the world. Check them out at: DESTINATIONDINNERS

OH! Tortuga rum cake the finest from the Caribbean. This is so yummy. Perfect for holiday gift giving. This cake is so moist and soaked with rum. Very good when served with a cappuccino or espresso. Comes beautifully packaged I highly recommend.. Check out their key lime cake too Delish..TORTUGARUMCAKES

Teatulia.. Amazing 100% organic teas that will warm any one's heart. These teas are so delicate and have amazing flavors. They offer seven flavors from green tea to Neem Nectar.You will receive your teas directly from the tea garden. They aren't sitting on a shelf or going thru a middle man. These are fresh and all natural. They are grown in Northern Bangladesh perfect for tea growing.. I highly recommend this for your gift giving.. Everyone needs warmth in their life why not gift it with tea.. TEATULIA

Tito's vodka.. I am all about a really good martini. Tito has won the Dbl Gold metal award beating out Grey Goose,Ketle one,Skyy to name a few. Made in Texas by a gentleman named Tito Beveridge. His vodka is micro distilled 6 times to enhance the amazingly smooth flavor. I truly love this Vodka and must say it makes for a great gift.. Add a nice shaker and you will put a smile on someones face..TITOSVODKA

The Cheese Ambassador.. This company offers many scrumptious gifts. I love cheese and I think it makes a great gift especially when you have paring information about what wines or food goes with what type of cheese. Pictured is their amazing Mediterranean cheeses..•The Tipsy Goat from Spain – Smooth, Mildly Tangy, Aromatic
Port Salut® from France – Luscious, Rich, Semi-Soft Piave from Italy - Full Flavored, Nutty They also offer cheese boards and knives along with olives and nuts and fruit confit. You can pick and choose any selection to make your gift one of a kind and unique. Right now they are running holiday specials.. Check out THECHEESEAMBASSADOR

Harvard Sweet Boutique.. This is a must for gifts this Holiday. Located in Boston but will ship anywhere.. They offer the most amazing sweets that will satisfy any ones pallet.. They offer chocolate/peppermint bark,Gourmet cookies,Brownies and for all of you Red Sox fans they even have a Kevin Youkilis section which offers Home run Cookies,Grand Slam Tower even take me out to the Ball Game Tower. owned by Susan George she took her love for baking and created this amazing sweet boutique. The packaging says it all and when your recipient opens their gift they are going to want to dive right in.. My Favorite are her Toffee bars.. They scream Fabulous! Get over to her site and enjoy FREE Shipping.. HARVARDSWEETBOUTIQUE

Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Gifts for the women in your life 2009

Wrapadoos.. Luxury for your hair.. I must say I love the concept and feel this makes for a great gift for Women & Girls. This product is created to be wrapped around wet or dry hair to create a little indulgence. The best part about this product is No more towel flopping around or putting my head upside down to wrap an enormous bath towel around my head. Reason being it's so darn heavy it unravels and falls off. The wrapadoo stays on with a Velcro closure and secures with a little bling that we all need in our life LOL! Founder and Creator Cynthia Saito created this product after so many challenges we face with wet hair.. Coming out of the bath,shower,pool wherever. A fabulous Luxurious product that will sure please every women and child on your list.. WRAPADOOS

Luminess Air.. Amazing and a must this holiday season. You can have the look of a professional. I love this. I used mineral makeup for years and after discovering this I won't go back to brushes and messes on my counter top. This is an innovative way to apply your makeup at home without the high price point of a salon. A couple of drops to your stylus turn on and you are good to go. I love that it covers any imperfection and after it's applied you can't tell you have any makeup on. Luminess air gives a natural look to any skin tone. They offer a makeup club and a tanning section on their site. This makes an excellent gift. Highly recommend.. LUMINESS AIR

Stella & Dot.. This makes for a perfect gift. I own this ring in ivory and get so many compliments on it. This would be great for the holidays or a night on the town. Black and silver enamel compliment the crystal inlay on the petals. Love this ring,at $44 this is a steal.. Comes in Ivory or black. check them out STELLA&DOT

Kiss my Face.. I love this company. The price of their products are incredible. The best part they are all Natural Organic and will NEVER test on animals. They just came out with these Natural shimmer sheer lip glosses. I like the how easy they glide on and at $7.00 you won't feel guilty when you buy 2 or 3.. Not like the big departments stores who charge between $18-$25. Craziness. I think these glosses are top notch and make for a great gift for your friends,Family and easy to stuff in a stocking. They offer these shimmers in an assortment of colors. One sure to please everyone on your list.. These would be great teacher gifts too.. Love it! KISSMYFACE

Flud watches.. White is it for the season.. I love white watches. They stand out they make a statement and there fun. This watch is called Negative space. It tells time like no other. Offers a 4-function custom negative space movement. The band is so light made out of polycarbonate with a ceramic finish. I love the simplicity of it. Very easy to tell time.. At $85 this makes for a very happy girl on your list.. Check out their other styles. For the music love in your family they have turntables,boomboxes they also have a watch that looks like a score board. FLUDWATCHES

Diva Girl.. This game is Diva fun.. Great for a girls night out. The object is collect the most Diva Dollars.. This is better than Bunco.. You can have prizes and food ,add some pink boas, high heels (Slippers) be creative. This will be the talk of the neighborhood. perfect gift for anyone..DIVAGIRL

She's Got Papers.. Love these handmade creations.. Created by a mom who loves to express herself thru her work. I love the smooches Notecards. These make a great gift. She also offers kids business cards,Thank Yous,Invites and more..SHE'SGOTPAPERS

I love this book. Written by: Julie Edelman. Hysterically funny. The way she writes is humorous. She gets to the point of cleaning and says it like it is. I love that no holds barred. She has a creative way of guiding you to a cleaner home.She also has a section in her book called United Stains of America.. People from all over the country have given tips on how to remove certain stains.. Example: Alaska: Salmon with Dill oil stain or Oregon: Blackberries Dye stain.. You will love this book. Chock full of info and you will get a kick out of every page.

Brian Nagourney fresh water pearl stacking bracelets. Another great and different gift. Not your typical pearl bracelet. The pearls are all unique and this new Creation by Brian stands out. I love these because of the versatility. They can be worn dressed up or casual. The design of Fresh water pearl,macrame and coral creates a conversation piece on your wrist. You can wear just one or add a few they truly make for a special gift. Brian offers many other styles from necklaces to earrings. Check them out. BRIANNAGOURNEY

Love,Love these. Now you can have a little humor when you workout. These Towels all come with a different and fun saying to keep you motivated. Whether you headed to the gym,tennis court or soccer game these towels make a great gift. I love the sayings "C" for crunches not cookies, I am not an immovable object,"Squat is a four letter word.. Very fun. makes for a good stocking stuffer or a gift for your workout buddy. I love these.. only $8 Created by an etsy artist..WORDSTOSWEATBY

Fit in clouds..Creative way to go from heels at the office to flats after work. Comfort for your feet that fits in your purse. I love these. Very comfy and a perfect way to end your day. These make for easy travel. light and fits in their own little pouch. They come in many colors from black to silver and of course gold as shown. amazing price from $18-$24 love these. Perfect gift..FITINCLOUDS

Talk about shoes.. These are amazing and the real deal. So many companies now are trying to hop on the market of tightening you butt and trimming your thighs.. The real McCoy is Chung Shi ( means: Rest and Movement) German owned. The patented sole technology provides a massaging effect while walking or standing.The heel/toe design helps support your feet that improves body alignment,stress reduction and reduces shock to the spine. Burns calories,builds muscles and so much more. This is a must for anyone.. I love them and would only buy this brand. They have won several awards and have been seen on many.many celebrities. Check them out..CHUNG-SHI

Elemental Memories.. Great gift for moms.. I love the photo tile and the stamped mom charm.Lisa Laverty is the designer and she truly has an eye for capturing the gift of family. I love her pieces. She offers Sterling,Gold,Necklaces,Bracelets even gifts for men. Check out her site EM-JEWELRY

Return to Beauty By: Narine Nikogosian I am all about finding a good book to read this one is a must..Creating skin and hair products from items you have at home or can easily get at the grocery store. Narine talks about how it hydrates your skin and creates shine to you hair. I love that each area has a recipe. Here are some examples: Normal-to Dry skin Almond Cooler Cleanser. Almonds are an anti-inflammatory.. This will soften and soothe skin.

1/4 cup Almond milk

2 tbs Pureed Cucumber

1 teaspoon salt

combine ingredients and mix well

Apply to warm washcloth and use every morning and evening.. Rinse with warm water. Amazing skin that will glow..Nadine has also added in her book your sign it's meaning about you and what your body needs to stay healthy. This book is a great read and full of important information about your body. Check it out at BORDERSBOOKS

This is such a fun company. I love fun socks.. My kids love fun socks. This makes for a great gift. Very different and creative. Sock grams offers so many styles you will never get bored. I wore Turkeys on Thanksgiving Gobble.. So stinking cute. The quality is like no other. I also love the packaging and you can have a gift card enclosed. Create a sock of the month and have a pair delivered every month be creative. Check them out at: SOCKGRAMS

O.K. ladies this is sure to please. Instead of your regular book club.. Try story club. You get together with friends and create stories based on the cards picked. You will have so much fun. Not your typical Club.. I think more fun.. Plus you create together. Your friends,sister,mom will love to receive this..STORYCLUBGAMES

More Gifts To Come... Eco Friendly, For Cooks and Entertaining/Hostess COMING SOON!