Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cuddly and soft OH My! Douglas cuddle toys CLOSED!

So soft so cute.. I always melt when I see a really cute,soft stuffed animal. Well that is just what I do when I see Douglas Cuddle Toys . I saw Douglas toys at the NYGS. There were so many new stuffed animals. I had so many x-mas gifts picked out and couldn't wait for these to hit out local toy store. My kids are big stuffed animal lovers. Every time we go on vacation My kids always a have to buy a stuffy.. That's what my husband and I call them. Douglas toys is a New England based company that has been around for over 30 years and has an amazing reputation for quality and customer service. Two things very hard to come by in this day and age. So after looking around their booth and taking a mental note of what I love ,I contacted the company after the show.. They have all the new couture dog breeds out.. Goldendoodles,Cockapoos, etc.. They are so stinking cute. Love them.. My kids couldn't get enough..They already started there wish list for x-mas...

I also loved the carry totes with the animal inside. Love the whole concept. Not only is it a carrier for your pet but your little princess can put her lip gloss,hair ties & pretend cell phone inside it.. Another Fabulous find, the quilted owl handbag another NEW and Fabulous product. Go check out there site. Start shopping for birthday presents and holiday gifts. It's never too early.. I start now so I can enjoy December.. Baking,cooking,decorating.. Who wants to shop when the malls are crazy and the Internet is on overload and most of all 9 out of 10 times things will be out of stock.. So take my advice go to Douglas toys and shop away.. Please at check out.. Tell them Heather from The Fabulous Finds sent you..


Douglas Toys offered two giveaways to one lucky winner. You will win a Sassy Pet Sak and a Quilted Owl Sillos handbag.. Remember follow Giveaway directions.. Value $40.00

Kids..You will love Buddy Fruits! CLOSED!

Attention Parents this is sure to be a hit in your child's lunch box...I came across this company while searching for healthy all natural kids snacks for school.. I am always on the go between soccer practices and games.. I have three kids and all of them play soccer. I am always looking for portable healthy snacks. So I stumbled upon this company Buddy Fruits..I was happy to see an all natural fruit line that is portable and comes in resealable drink pouches.. I know what your thinking. Fruit that you drink? Yes. I felt the same way. So I contacted the company for a sample.. They sent me every flavor. Not only did I try it but my kids and husband as well. We loved it. My oldest daughter is 10 and type 1 diabetic. This is a great way for her to get a little boost when she's running around on the soccer Field. Her blood sugar always drops so it's a great way to boost her up naturally rather than use a glucose tablet.

This company is owned by a french family who moved to the United States because they had a passion for creating a product that is portable, Healthy and tastes really Yummy. They have created an assortment of flavors: Apple,Strawberry,Cinnamon,Banana,Multi Fruit..Remember to look beyond the fact your apple is in a pouch.. Think about not having to wash it,take the skin off,having sticky hands to wash or even finding somewhere to throw out the core.. The best part. If you don't finish it. Screw the top back on and stick it in the fridge or cooler.. You can't do that with a 1/2 eaten apple now can you? Try it for yourself.. Buddy Fruits is the way to have your fruit and drink it too..


This is a very generous giveaway. The owners of Buddy Fruits want you to be hooked too. So they are giving one lucky winner 48 pouches.. You will get to choose 12 (4 packs) of your choice.. That's over $70 Value Follow giveaway instructions.. Please follow,grab button etc,etc.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

better (be-ing) Annalise Designs Bangles with meaning

Believe in,


All of these words are inspiring and strong. You know when you read something and it makes you tear up or you get goose bumps? I get that way with the words that are on these bangles. I love this company. It is owned by a woman name Annalise and I met her at the New York Gift show. What an intriguing woman. After talking with her,she is one of those people you could hang out with at your kitchen table,drink coffee with and forget about the time. She is a woman with passion and she is very creative. I loved that I had the chance to meet her.

While standing at her booth her bangles spoke to me,literally. The words were different on each one. Amazingly strong words that, we as women should be proud to wear. Her bangle line comes in two color tones Gold or Silver and you get to choose different font colors.. Love it!

Annalise is a Joy. Her products are one we must wear and own. Please check out her better (be-ing) collection as well as her Necklaces and Earrings. When you make a purchase, and I know you will.. Please let Annalise know that Heather from The Fabulous Finds sent you.

GIVEAWAY: Follow below for entries

Oh My! Annalise has offered one lucky winner a Gold and pink "Choose" bangle. The words are: Choose,Peace,Freedom,Hope Value $95.00 So you know what to do.. Spread the word,Check out her site,tweet,fb,post,Grab my button,Follow me,Subscribe,Leave a comment... Spread the word..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fabulous Find HollieLollie

Well another Etsy Friend.. Love her Creations.. So fresh and fun
FABULOUS! Here is a little something about Clare and how she got started and where she wants to go..

Hi, my name is Clare and I live in Bridgend a small town in South Wales. I am mum to my two little tinkers Sam 7yrs and Hollie (Lollie) 3yrs. I love spending any free time experimenting with new crafts, watching Sam play rugby on a Sunday morning and settling down in front of the TV to watch a good DVD.

I make fun, colourful and unique hand crafted gifts. Each design is made using only the finest designer fabrics, materials and embellishments. Gifts include pretty glass and fabric magnets, stylish bookmarks, sweet hair accessories, bunting and beautiful mini magnetic clipboards. Each product is carefully designed to add a little splash of colour and brighten up any room. I work mainly with paper and fabric but hope to expand upon this soon.

I have always considered myself to be creative, loving anything to do with art and craft. In college I studied Art & Design alongside my teaching degree but after entering the world of employment found I had very little free time and spent many years not even picking up a paintbrush.

One year I went on a holiday to Florida and discovered and fell in love with scrapbooking which made me realise I needed to start using my creativity again. When I became a full time Mum I began experimenting with different crafts, found the Etsy website and here I am today thoroughly happy and fulfilled in what I’m doing.

At the moment I only sell online through websites: Folksy.com, Etsy.com & Coriandr.com. I have also very recently been accepted to sell on Notonthehighstreet.com and am extremely pleased with the response I’m receiving so far. I have yet to sell through any craft fair venues but this is something I look forward to doing in the future.

I am mainly inspired by patterns and colour combinations I see everywhere in everyday life. I have a mini sketchbook/ notepad I take everywhere with me, where I keep all my ideas and inspirations.

My big plan is to get my own website up and running by this time next year and I also need to start concentrating on promoting Hollie Lollie outside of the crafting community. I have recently had a large delivery of beautiful designer fabrics and am looking forward to using them to expand upon my range of colourful bunting. I am also working on a range of clutch purses and accessories which I am very excited about at the moment.

HollieLollie is still very young as it was only started in April of this year, so I have been taking tips off other very helpful people for marketing. I have found invaluable advice through searching the many craft forums that are now available. I mainly promote through twitter, my blog and my facebook fan page, I'd recommend other crafters look into these marketing tools if they don't already use them as they do work.

I love photography and spend a lot of time uploading photos onto flickr where quite a few people have found me. Promotion particularly through the internet can be very time consuming but definitely worth it all in the long run. One day perhaps somebody else can do it for me!

Clare was so nice to offer a Giveaway for 2 hair accessories.. leave a comment and spread the love..Grab my button XO Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jesse Janes's another Fabulous Find!

Jodie Has a fun creative flair and I find her to be Fabulous.. Here is a little info about Jodi.

My name is Jodie, but everyone calls me Jesse… you, know, for ‘Jesse Jane’s.’ I’ve always lived in Maine, not far from the ocean and right now I’m just outside Portland. I have several wholesale accounts around the state as well as other parts of the country. In fact, a lot of my Scrabble Tile Pendants make their way around the world. I should probably get a world map and chart all the various countries my pendants have been shipped to. It would be fun to see.

I’ve been creating since I was about 10 years old when I started my first craft show business. I created a line of refrigerator magnets and I would make between $50 and $100 each weekend. It was big business for me! I’ve had some sort of craft business ever since.

Besides creating? I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, watching BBC TV series (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Trial & Retribution, etc), reading Clive Cussler books and drinking coffee…. anytime of the day… I’m addicted!

Links and contact info:

Etsy shop: http://jessejanes.etsy.com/

Artfire shop: http://jessejanes.artfire.com/

Website: http://www.scrabbletilependants.com/

Blog: http://jessejanes.blogspot.com/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jessejanes

Jodi has offered a fabulous Giveaway: 5 tiles (all shown above) with a ball chain to a lucky Fabulous Finds winner! Follow My Giveaway Directions.. Leave comment about why you want to win,Check out Jesse jane's sites spread the word..

Bonus Entries:
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Glitz Girl.. Stella & Dot Sophie Necklace! CLOSED

Linky Poo this one's for you. The Sophie gold necklace from Stella & Dot.. Looking for xtra income and love Jewelry. This is the company to work for. Very Trendy and Fun Jewelry that's unique and a show stopper. When you sign up for as little as $199 you get $350.00 in FREE jewelry of your choice.. Check out the site Stella&Dot..


Sophie Link Necklace Value $65.00

Grab my button and follow giveaway instructions... Good luck!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Fun & Cute Twirlie Whirlie's Fabulous Find!

Well to start off. I came across Twirlie Whirlies on Twitter. It was love at first site. A Fabulous Find. I am one that puts a lot of effort into gift giving,Display.Packaging.. I love anything unique and what I like to call show stoppers. I knew I had to write and promote this company. The owners name is Shannon Torossi. She gave up the the business world outside the home,to start her own business venture Twirlie Whirlies. What inspired her was the lack of fun and creative things she wanted for her son's 1st Birthday party. So using her wonder women brain created this adorable line of products. Check out her site..Shannon was so kind to offer a Giveaway:

She is offering a Halloween Teaser. You will get 1 dozen assorted cupcake toppers,6 assorted treat bag tags and 6 lollipop favors.. So fun. Please follow my Giveaway instructions.. Remember grab my Button for your site.. Good Luck!

Stationary OOh Lala.. Karen Foster Design CLOSED!

Oh so fun.. Known for scrapbooking Karen Foster Design can be found in many stores around the country. I love how she got started.. After putting together papers in her make shift warehouse (Her garage),with the help of her daughters. her company flourished and became what it is today. Karen was very nice to offer a giveaway From her Mystique collection. The Stationary line is new and you will be lucky to own this set. Check out Karen Foster Design.

She has an amazing product line.. All of you scapbookers out their you will love her products.


Flat Notecards

Thank You Cards

Magnetic Notepad

Small Notepad

Reusable Tote Bag $45.00 Value

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Good Luck!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Recycled bags are the way to go WeBe all the way! CLOSED!

Girlie's a must bag to have. WeBe bags are trendy chic and seen on the arms of many celebrities. Love the concept of recycled coffee,feed,money and flour Saks transformed into amazing chic must haves. So many styles all accompanied by fun fabrics and Genuine sail ties for handles.I was blessed to have run into this company. I love the concept and find the bags to be Fabulous. They were a hot item at the Sundance Film festival and a big hit at the Cannes festival in France. OoLala..I own one and tote it around wherever I go..

I met the owner Tara Beavers. What a delight to talk to. She has passion and style and a love for life. I am grateful to have been chosen to write about this company. I am all about Organic and Natural things. I am happy to see a company take pride in using used resources and turning them into a Fabulous product.. Check out WeBe bags they have a great selection..

Tara was very kind to offer a Giveaway. The coffee backpack $70.00 value

(The picture is to get an idea. The bag you will get has stripped fabric on back very cool)

Please grab my button for your site and follow Giveaway directions..

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cahootie The Future Is In Your Hands FABULOUS!

Remember as a kid making those 4 pointy triangles made out of paper that you swished back and fourth with your fingers while asking you friends questions? Well if not , I have to tell you I did as a kid and loved it. The anticipation of not knowing the answer until the swish stops to unveil the answer under the flap of paper..Genius.. While walking the NY gift show I stumbled upon my childhood creation.. The Cahootie. Only it was colorful and had themes. Mine never had themes it was made from outlined paper with the edges still attached.. I was amazed and overjoyed because I could bring this amazing colorful creation home to my daughters and watch them interact with this modernized classic game.

Cahootie an experience of Fun,Learning and a way for families and tweens to connect with their friends. After talking with the owner Blythe ,who is a joy to talk with, by the way. I understood the concept and the reasoning why she took something that could be easily made with a simple piece of paper. After she merged with the creator Jeff Jurgensen they added a twist from the old to creating a pre-folded laminated paper with Fun,Colorful graphics.. I am so for the New. I mentioned earlier they have themes..

Hey Girlfriend,My Fab Family (Good on long car rides),Truth or Dare,Would You,My Fab Future,Sporty Girls,Republican,Democrat,Wishes & Dreams and Birthday Wishes... Craziness.. So many choices. These are great for gifts,birthday favors,stocking stuffer.. Your kids will love them and parents too. Go check out their site Cahootie see for yourself why these creations are Fabulous!..

GIVEAWAY: Blythe was very Generous to offer two lucky winners to pick two Cahooties of their choice.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Fabulous Thursday

Today I received in the mail my Merchandise magazine. I belong to VMSD.. A magazine all about retail merchandising etc.. I used to be a merchandiser and I freelance for companies when they need me. But anyway it talks about what store was chosen for Retailer of the year... Drum Roll.. It is Urban Outfitters.. Great store. Love ,Love the uniqueness,quirkiness of it.. The next time you are near an Urban Outfitters check the store out. Their displays are fun and very innovative. A breath of fresh air.. I love Anthropologie.. Also a store they talk about a lot in this months issue.. Well I had to share how Fabulous it is that Urban Outfitters is Retailer of the Year. Keep up the good work... I am going to contact them and maybe fingers crossed get a Gift Cert for one of my lucky Fab Friends...