Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remember wear PROTECTION!....

Protect your precious skin from harmful UV rays each time you step outside

Avalon Organics, a natural brand that counts stars such as Cobie Smulders (TV’s How I Met Your Mother) as a fan, offers two options!

Avalon Organics Lavender Renewal & Vitality Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 18: Lightly-scented with organic Lavender, this lotion provides daily broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 18 sun protection with Vitamins C and E for defense against free radicals. Organic Lavender, Arnica and Licorice Root soothe redness, while Hyaluronic Acid and organic Flax and Borage Oils provide weightless hydration.

(7 fl oz., SRP $16.95)

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 15: This lightweight daily lotion provides UVA and UVB protection to prevent sun damage. Organic Coconut, Borage and Flax Oils repair and nourish for therapeutic hydration, while Vitamin E and White Tea defend against free radical damage.

(4 fl oz., SRP $16.95)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

See what SHEWANTS???

Oh MY! Is all I can say... This is so exciting.How many times do we tell our significant other what we want for Birthdays,Holidays? I think sometimes ESPN is reeling over and over in their brain..Well, "My Fabulous Girlfriends" our prayers have been answered. Check out, Shewants site.
You can create a FREE account and list all of the trinkets you want him or anyone to buy you.. I know every year my mom is stumped on what to buy me, and she always asks and I always say Gift card.. Well no more my friend.. I now will have my own journal page to add items when I think of them..This way everyone is" Happy".. Read below for all the amazing info..Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Will you use this site?? Do tell, I would Love to hear your comments. is a Girl’s Best Friend
Online gift registry finally gives women a place to ask for what they want

Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best, a user friendly gift registry and wish list, allows women to ask for what they want without limits. Originators Adriana Padilla Mack and Marie Green wanted to create a space where women could dream big and express what they want in life. The idea stemmed from dinner conversations where frustrated females had, once again, received candles or fruitcake from a well meaning gifter. There seemed to be a lack of communication between the gifter and giftee, especially from the male species. Adriana and Marie decided then and there that they would create a website dedicated to the simple proposition: “If you’re going to give her something, then give her what she wants,” and was born.

The concept finally solves the problem women have had for years: how to communicate to the men, family, and friends in their lives what they want to receive. The femme savvy social portal combines several features: SheWants Wish List, SheWants Not, Calendar, and Blog for a unique experience.

Wishing Well - “SheWants Wish List”: One of the first things a SheWants member will create is a wish list. Women can ask for anything they want--a designer pair of heels, a tropical vacation, or even a donation to their favorite charity. The SheWants Wish List also states where to find the dream gift, eliminating the guesswork from giving. According to co-creator Adriana, the idea of the wish list appealed to her because, “If we put our dreams and wishes somewhere, or if we say it, it’s possible.

Things Better Left Ungifted - “She Wants Not”: Saving the world from knick knacks one member at a time, is the SheWants Not list, which allows women to say what they don’t want. The idea is to limit re-gifting and make people look closer at their best friend, neighbor, or significant other. It creates an eco-conscious environment by eliminating wasteful purchases.

Man’s Best Friend - “The Calendar”: This feature eliminates the headaches of men everywhere. Now befuddled boyfriends and harried husbands can not only find out exactly what women want, they can look up anniversaries, birthdays, etc…in the calendar section of her profile. Not just for the men, women can also pre-select a list of friends, family, and significant others whom they would like to send special “nudges” too.

Bite Size Tips - “Blog”: More than a place that simply lists things a woman wants, the site emerges as a helpful friend in the form of a blog. The founders Adriana Padilla Mack and Marie Green will be blogging on ways to keep gifting green, such as the “Gift Card Exchange Party” where women swap gift cards in a paper free environment. There are also blogs by guest and celebrity bloggers writing about fashion, jewelry, marriage, and all aspects of being a stylish female.

Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Beautiful Bag - has created a personalized experience from top to bottom. Upon establishing a free profile, the member embarks on a fun journey of self-expression and self-discovery, as she (perhaps for the first time) actually spells out what she wants.

For more information go to:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Who knew something litl could hold so many recipes?

Foodies Get Cooking with New Litl Webbook Recipe Channel Powered by BakeSpace

--Kitchens Come to Life with Easy-to-Use Internet Computer; Recipes and Entire BakeSpace Community Available via One Simple Click--

Boston, Mass – February 22, 2010 – Things are heating up in the kitchen with the introduction of a new recipe channel, launched today by litl ( in partnership with BakeSpace ( The channel provides quick and easy access to more than 50,000 recipes for users of the litl webbook, an Internet computer for the home. It is available now at no cost to litl webbook users.

“The litl webbook’s versatility makes it perfect for the kitchen. While it can go online and be used like a conventional laptop, the 12-inch screen and keyboard can also flip around the hinge so the litl stands upright like an easel. This new “easel” mode makes photos, news, music, weather, video, Facebook updates, and now tens of thousands of recipes fun and easy to enjoy—even from across a kitchen,” said litl’s founder and CEO John Chuang. “We’re excited to partner with BakeSpace to change the way families enjoy the Internet from their kitchens.”

BakeSpace, a 2009 Webby Award nominee for Best Social Network, is a free online community where members post, search and swap recipes, share cooking tips, and socialize with other food enthusiasts. The site’s membership ranges from teenagers just starting to explore the culinary lifestyle to grandparents who want to catalog and preserve their treasured family recipes.

Babette Pepaj, BakeSpace’s founder and CEO, said, “We love the concept behind the litl webbook because it’s all about making it fun and easy to enjoy the web. With the addition of the new BakeSpace channel, the litl is now also a great tool for cooking enthusiasts. If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, the litl webbook could be your ideal computer.”

The litl webbook’s channels transform online content to make it more useful and entertaining. These channels complement a familiar web browser experience for active, “lean forward” use with an all-new “lean back” mode for passive web enjoyment—from across a kitchen or on a large-screen television, for instance. Users can easily create channels for many popular websites or select from a set of channels custom-designed by litl, including Facebook, The Weather Channel, Flickr, Shutterfly, and now, BakeSpace.

Technical information for independent developers, potential partners, and others interested in developing their own custom channels will be announced shortly.

About litl

Based in Boston, litl is a new kind of computer company. The company was founded to make the web more enjoyable and entertaining for everyday consumers. Small and personal by design, we invite you to meet us and learn more at

About BakeSpace

BakeSpace is a grassroots online community where members post, search and swap recipes, create their own “online kitchen,” share cooking tips, raid the “virtual pantry” (forums), upload cooking videos, and interact with other food enthusiasts from around the world. Membership on the site is free. More information is available at or

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Review Mother Daze!

Mother Daze Tales from the Imperfect Playground by Christine Carr.
When my first child was born ten years ago I had no clue what an adventure I was about to embark upon. So much love spilling over in my heart. So much to learn about parenting. So much sleep deprivation. I wish at that time that I had a copy of the book Mother Daze by Christine Carr. Christine is a married Mom of three children who has a daytime gig as a grade school PE teacher. She is candid and funny as she relates stories of her parenting mishaps and triumphs. Oftentimes this book is laugh out loud hilarious. This book is a must read for us Moms who never seem to have a spare second for ourselves. I found myself nodding my head in agreement while I was reading many of the chapters; especially Chapter 3 The Mental F-Bomb and Chapter 11 That Face In The Mirror.

This book put a smile on my face and left me feeling reassured about the parenting job that I am doing with my own two girls. It is a celebration of Moms everywhere. I am grateful that I was able to review this fun to read book. Review By: Wendi

Mother Daze Review
I received my book in an envelope with it personally signed by the author which was a nice touch. This is a beautiful book from a mother who gives detailed raw messages about her pregnancy and being a mom. It is very helpful for moms to be and current moms. As a current mom, I enjoyed identifying with several of the stories and thinks that I thought about but haven't talked to other moms about. The illustrations throughout the book put a smile on my face. I would recommend this read to a mom for a realistic point of view. Review By: Linda

Have you ever gone over to someone Else's house and seen how their children act and think well I guess my kids aren't so bad? Or seen all the clutter and thought, well my house isn't so dirty? Come on admit it. I have one friend that I love going to her house because then I don't feel so bad about my house and kids.

Mother Daze - Tales from the Imperfect Playground is a wonderful and funny book about motherhood. Everything about motherhood. Christine Carr tells stories about motherhood that make you say, good, I'm not the only one who did that. I loved reading her book! It's a laugh out loud, make you cry kinda book. You know when you and your girlfriends sit down and talk? This book is just like that. A must read for all moms.
Christine Carr is an Elementary School Physical Education teacher and she suggests if you really want to know how your children are doing in school, ask the PE teacher. They can tell you how your child plays with other children, how they interact on a social level. I'm definitely going to do this the next time I'm at school. Review By: Anne

Mother Daze
Tales from the Imperfect playground

How comforting it is to read a book about motherhood and be able to think, “I’m so glad someone else feels that way.” Being a mother is the hardest, yet most amazing and rewarding thing women will ever do! Christine Carr hit it right on the nail! The experiences made me laugh and cry, hitting so close to home. Having the same feelings, from the first day ever finding out about pregnancy, to adding another and figuring out how to balance it all and feel like a normal person at same time. Then, between all of that, how do we raise these children? She definitely has great advice and wonderful stories to back it up. There are many pages I have marked with quotes I would like to remember and refer to. One favorite is, “Acknowledging we are not perfect is refreshing, and admitting that fact is quite freeing. Release, relax, and most importantly, be free!” Each of us get irritated, frustrated, and overwhelmed, but we love our children more than anything in life and it is okay to have these feelings. “I trust that as long as our children know they are loved, in every sense of the word, they will most definitely be okay.” I believe Christine Carr truly was inspired to write this book for all mothers to know they are amazing! Review By: Melinda

Have you ever felt guilty when another mother lists off the mile long list of extra curricular activities her 6 month old is involved in? Did you look at your child and feel sorry for them assuming they were already behind the curve because you were a slacker mom? Now as a mom of three I realize how ridiculous those things are but when I only had one it was far too easy to fall into parenting traps. Mommy Daze: Tales from the Imperfect Playground by Christine Carr is a light hearted and humorous book. This book is a quick read that will act as the perfect pick me up for any mom who is feeling inadequate in her parenting skills. I love how Christine recounts her own Mommy Daze or as I call it Mommy Brain moments and how her kids turned out just fine. This is the perfect gift for a new mom to help her relax and enjoy being a mom.
Review By: Ellen

Mother Daze By: Christine Carr was a true joy for the begining to end. I am a mom of three and truly related to so many things she talks about... I love that she is direct and to the point. I know we have all read what to do the first year,2nd and so on... This book opens up about the realistic lives of being a mom... We do fall into a world of trying to be perfect and make sure everything is perfect when in reality, it isn't and even when feeling down in the dumps and exhausted that it's O.K. to have these feeling... Motherhood shouldn't be a judgement ,but rather a learning process... I look at it this way. If in the end, our kids say please,thank you,excuse me,god bless you,help others,hold doors,are respectful,love then we did a damn good job of raising them, no matter how hard it is.. Thank You Christine for this book. I loved it... Keep up the good work! Review By: Heather


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Dry??? Here's your solution...


Solution-Driven Skincare Brand to Offer Ultra Repair Cream

through Multimedia Retailer

New York, NY (February 18, 2010) — First Aid Beauty® LLC (FAB), a premium skincare collection that caters to universal beauty concerns, as well as the needs of sensitive and challenged skin, announced today it is scheduled to debut on QVC Monday, February 22. FAB’s hero product, Ultra Repair Cream (QVC Item #A200179; Approximately $39.00/12oz), is scheduled to appear on QVC at 10am EST, with FAB Founder & CEO Lilli Gordon appearing on-air.

“There’s a clear synergy between QVC and First Aid Beauty,” said Gordon. “They offer practical solutions to the toughest beauty problems, and First Aid Beauty provides just that: intensive treatments for a number of skin challenges. It’s a perfect fit.”

“We are excited to offer our customers one of the newest products from First Aid Beauty,” said Allen Burke, director of beauty merchandising for QVC. “Our customers are passionate about skincare and we are confident that it will be a great addition to the selection available at QVC.”

FAB Ultra Repair Cream is a deeply penetrating over-the-counter treatment that nourishes the skin and provides immediate relief for dry, scaly skin. FAB’s top-selling Ultra Repair Cream boasts ingredients such as Colloidal Oatmeal, Allantoin, Eucalyptus Oil, Ceramides, Shea Butter and the powerful FAB Antioxidant Booster to protect, heal and soothe the skin, help defend skin from free radical attack and improve the skin’s moisturization. FAB Ultra Repair Cream may be applied anywhere – elbows, feet, hands and even the face – for instant relief and hydration. FAB Ultra Repair Cream contains no harsh chemicals and is dermatologist-recommended, allergy-tested and fragrance-free.

In addition to QVC and, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream will be available through Sephora and, as well as on the brand’s website,

Designer shoes 50% off FABULOUS! is having an up to 50% off winter sale right now. Marked down shoes start at just $59! A small sampling of the discounted shoes are below and attached. Brands include: Proenza Schouler, Kors, Stella McCartney, Donald J. Pliner, Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman, Shoebox, Sergio Rossi, Pucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs and more!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Need a place to stay in CT??

On a Business trip heading to CT? Courtyard Marriott in Cromwell,CT is where you need to stay. This hotel is known to cater to business travelers.. The staff is very accommodating. Centralized in the state this makes it easy for all highway access... This is also a great Hotel for families that have hockey players... The Marriott is down the street from Champions skate arena. Families come from all over and Courtyard Marriott is always their first choice to stay... And if you are local this is a great place to host an event/party. They even offer kids birthday party packages that include the use of their indoor swimming pool and your choice of an assortment of foods from taco bars to chicken tender feasts.. Love it!
Hotel Highlights:

Full service hotel offering lounge, restaurant, meeting & banquet space, Starbucks & free parking
Business Center with wireless Internet in public areas. Large flexible meeting and banquet space
Convenient location central to New York and Boston just outside Hartford with Free Parking.

Don't forget to Book The Courtyard Marriott when planning your next trip,party or event...

Courtyard Marriott
4 Sebethe Dr.
Cromwell,CT 06416
Sales: 1-860-635-1001
Sales Fax: 1-860-635-6478

Who says shoes can't be rolled???

Love these... Packing drives me crazy... I have tried so many ways to make all my items fit without having to sit on my suitcase to pull that stinking zipper closed.. Well wouldn't you say, the worst thing to pack is shoes? I cringe because they are always the last to go in right? Well This product is Fabulous, FOOTZYROLLS I think a wonderful creation.. Adorable, comfy ballet flats that roll up into a little bag... I received a pair to try and I have to tell you I was afraid that the shape would be weird when rolled out,however that wasn't the case. These shoes are so comfy cozy and perfect for travel... They offer a variety of colors.. When you are planning your next trip and only want to take a few pairs of shoes.. Make sure that you pack an assortment of footzyrolls... They are a casual,comfy style suitable for any feet and occasion.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Shoo Jimmy Choo! Book Review

Shoo, Jimmy Choo! By Catey Hill is a must have for every woman struggling to gain control of her finances. While Catey Hill is no Dave Ramsey she is instead your best girlfriend the one who understands your love of fashion and the strong pull of a manicure. Her easy to follow financial makeover plan and conversational writing style will make you forget you are reading about finances. I really identified with Catey Hill as I read this book and i love how she spoke to women not as an expert but as a friend who has been in your shoes and is now in control of her finances. As some one who watches every penny and has read multiple books on finances I did not learn anything new from this book, but I did find a friend. What I mean by that is after reading this book I felt relieved, empowered and a bit less guilty about my secret desire to splurge on a new dress as I strive for financial freedom. I would definitely recommend this book to all of my friends. In Shoo, Jimmy Choo! I finally found a book that addresses my financial needs with real concrete advice on how to fix them. It's all about Style, Diet and Fitness any woman can understand that. Reviewed by: Ellen

Shoo, Jimmy Choo! By Catey Hill
I will be the first to admit that when I started reading this book I was not excited. Not a book about finance (my least favorite topic)! So as I started reading I became more and more impressed. Not only impressed, but inspired! This book is so clever! Catey Hill makes a topic that women have a difficult time hearing become interesting. I instantly wanted to clean out my financial closet! Comparing money to things women understand, such as diet, style, and fitness was a great idea. I have never been explained things better by any professional, for example, the health care section. I have had many different types of health insurance and have had them explained to me over and over, but have never fully understood any of it!
This book is great to help organize a budget, track spending, cut back on things that seem to slip through our fingers. I have already started my own charts that Catey has laid out so simple. I think of myself as an excellent bargain shopper, but I realized that doesn’t mean I am good with money! Even after reading this book it will be an excellent source to refer to throughout life when I buy a new home, or car, or do my taxes, etc., because it covers everything! This book is fantastic! I’m on my way to “savvy money management!” Reviewed by: Melinda

Looking to save money for a rainy day or save for retirement or just want to spend less? Check out Shoo, Jimmy Choo - The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More.

Shoo, Jimmy Choo is a book for anyone looking to cut back on their spending. Caty Hill gives advice and even gives you worksheets so you can do it yourself. You will be guided though style, diet and fitness ...for your finances.

Some chapters included:

The Money Makeover: little or not-so-little financial "touch ups"
The Plastic Purge : curing the "plastic plague"
Climb the Career Ladder: landing your dream job and a pretty paycheck
Push for a Pad: buying a home or being a savvy renter

Written by Catey Hill, money editor of that she was the marketing manager at Plum TV and the author of The Plum Wealth Report. Catey herself is a recovering shoe addict.

I've read similar books and they're so not interesting. Catey Hill writes a great book with funny stories and scenarios just for women. I pretty much practice much of what is covered in this book, but it was a gentle reminder to stay focused.

Reviewed by: Ann

Shoo, Jimmy Choo! By Catey Hill

This is a book I wish I had read in my early twenties. It's full of valuable information on how to get your financial life where you want it to be. From tips on evaluating your spending habits, identifying your spending triggers (this section was really eye-opening for me!) to paying off student loans, investing, and planning for a baby--this book has it all. Usually, finance books are straight-forward, just-the-facts, and slightly (okay A LOT) boring, but this book injects an element of fun into a serious topic. I like her light-hearted style and easy-to-read (and understand) presentation of information. This book is aimed at a younger audience, so I think it would make the perfect high school or college graduation gift. Reviewed by: Vanessa

Shoo,Jimmy Choo! By Catey Hill

As described as "The moderns Girl's Guide to spending Less".. I think this book is full of financial information and written in a fashionable style. Catey Hill has fun writing skills and gets to the point. I am 39 and this book would have been a great tool when I was in my twenties. I did take some information to heart though. I have to agree with Vanessa, this would make a great college/high school graduation gift. A eye opener to life, what to do with your money when you get that amazing job etc.. Still I love everything about it. Title,Writing style and information Great job Catey...Simply FABULOUS! Reviewed by: Heather

SHOO, Jimmy Choo.

Beautiful cover, great title. Makes you want to pick it up and read it. It feels light and airy when you first pick it up but this is the bible of all bibles for financials and getting your act straight. Catey Hill gives you everything you need, forms, websites, advice, motivation, etc. to force yourself to look at your financials with a magnifying glass and then put a plan to do something about it. A must read for all women! I loved it! Reviewed By Linda

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ding Dong Guess Who's Calling???

This Valentine’s Day, spoil yourself and your sweetheart with the latest sensual fragrances for him and her, romantic attire and of course that oh-so-sexy, perfect lip color!

This season, Avon launches their latest love connection must-haves to help you make this your best Valentine's Day ever!

Gift the man in your life with Patrick Dempsey’s new fragrance, PD2, a bold and sophisticated scent that embodies masculinity, strength and commitment ($35). It's the ultimate sexy, male scent. Available now!

This Year's Must-Have Valentine's Day Look

This Valentine's Day, don't be afraid to try a fresh, new look! Try Avon's chic Slim Wear Luxe Shrug Top ($29.99; available January 2010), with the Silvertone Faceted Drop Earrings ($5.99; available now!) and Collar Necklace ($14.99; available now!). Complete your look with the ultra chic Fringe Factor Suede Cushion Walk Bootie ($39.99; available January 2010), both comfortable and stylish! Now you can spice up your look without breaking the bank!

Go for a more daring scent that ignites temptation and sparks passion with U by Ungaro Fever for Her ($34). This fragrance composed of berries, florals and honeysuckle, is a sensuous and chic Valentine's Day must! Available Feb 2010.


Surprise your man with a radiant and bold pout! Experience Avon’s new, hot off the runway Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick. This luscious lipstick glides on smooth for flawless, high-def lip color and will turn heads with its undeniable, mega attraction ($8). All 10 sultry shades are available Feb 2010.

Smell So Sweet!
Instantly seduce your man or the hottie across the room with In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon, a mysterious, ultra-feminine scent. The packaging, a golden hue, rounded glass bottle topped with a flower in full bloom, embodies this floral, oriental, sweet southern scent ($34). Available now!

Love these irresistible Valentine’s Day must-haves? View more Avon styles and finds at

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Women's 2010 Review Panel Looking for New England Based women!

As we are getting things together for March's review panel ,things are crazy busy... I am still looking for some amazing women of all ages to participate..If you live in The CT,MA,RI,NY area and want to come to review products for the day,I would love to hear from you. The Event will Take place March 21, 2010

You will get to test photo printers,Make up,perfume,sneakers,athletic wear,organic products,Food,electronics and so much more... If you are on the review panel you get to test and write reviews for the products shown. What is the Fabulous Part? Everything on the panel is given away at the end of the event as the companies way for saying" Thank You"... You will also receive a goody bag filled to the brim with amazing products.

If you are interested an want to be part of the yearly event please contact me: I will fill you in on all the details...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Hidden Treasure

After shopping around NYC. I knew I needed a little pampering.. I found this amazing little place on 501 Fifth Avenue Suite 707... I was told that this is a must visit.. So I knew I had to review it... When entering ,you wouldn't think that a luxury esthetician was in the building.. I walked int the elevator and pressing the button. I couldn't wait for what I was about to experience. When I arrived at the door of Joanna Vargas it was like no other I have been to. Small earthy,organic feel. Nobody had white coats on or water flowing in fountains...I felt very comfortable.. It was almost like going to a friends loft.. The smell of lavender struck me as fulfilling and while I waited I sipped on green tea and nibbled coconut infused organic truffles that were to "die for delish"...

One of the doors opened to the room ,I would soon enter. Joanna appeared and of course had skin that was radiant and youthful and I new I was in for a treat. Joanna, created her business after working in many high end salons and knew she wanted a more organic, personal skin Care salon. I would say" hands down she accomplished it".

When I layed on the table the smells relaxed me right away,not to mention the music playing...

She got right to it.. The treatment I was having "Triple Crown Facial", had three steps.

1. Diamond Peel which helps radiate a youthful glow 2. Microcurrent. This is a must.. She worked on one side of my face and then showed me in a mirror the difference each side looked. I was truly amazed it thinned lines and I lost some puffiness in my face.. I looked Fabulous! Only on the side she worked on though LOL.

3. Oxygen treatment, this was pretty Fabulous too. It was almost like puffs of air to help make everything flow properly in the cells.. It was almost giving them a jump start to refresh themselves. A much needed wake up call ,I would say.

I spoke to Joanna the entire time asking her about her business and getting to know her as a person. In all the time I have been to have facials or a massage whatever, I never talk to the person doing the work. I truly enjoyed my conversation and learned a lot. She is a wonderful down to earth person and I would highly recommend you go and visit her. I will say this to have the owner (Joanna Vargas) work on you, it's an Addtl cost, I think well worth it.. She has 2 other estheticians that work for her that are also amazing...All in all you will walk out "Happy".

This is the hidden treasure I was talking about.. If you are walking down 5th Ave you wouldn't know it exists... Word of mouth is what makes her business successful. So I am passing this off to you. If you live in NYC or have planned a trip to visit,make sure you book a facial.

Check out JOANNAVARGAS a must visit while in the city! One you will sure re-visit...

Monday, February 1, 2010

This month is filled with some amazing things. I have Hotels to tell you about,Travel Must Haves,Spas,Vday gifts and so much more..
I want to start by telling you about Bling It On. A web site that carries all the hottest trends at amazing prices.. They have Handbags,Jewelry,Wallets your one stop shop for accessories. You can even host a home accessory party with your friends and earn some great stuff for, free.. They were so kind to offer you for the month of February a 25% discount.. So check them out at BLINGITON use code "FABFIND25" at checkout to receive your discount..