Friday, October 30, 2009

Spreading The Love On Friday!

TGIF Today I am spreading the LOVE for 3 amazing women and their products.

Babbleblossom Kim created this adorable hair accessory line because of how much hair her baby has.Her non-slip clips are so stinking cute.She has created so many different styles from butterflies to cupcakes.. Spread the love and visit Kim and tell her how Fabulous she is..

Wonderfulwonderbar I have to say, Lissa with the Wonderbar company has out done herself. This skincare product helps with all the elements our skin needs. It Firms,Tightens,Lifts (giving a glow),Deep cleans (removing radicals and toxins),works well on eczema,acne,psoriasis to name a few. Good for all skin types. Try for yourself, go to her site. Tell her she is Fabulous and try her product. You will be amazed at the results.

StrapDiva This product is sure to please. Christine created Stapdiva after the frustration of her handbag handles always falling off her shoulder. She designed a snap slip cover for your handbag handles. Isn't that Fabulous? Your handles won't slip anymore..She offers this amazing product in 6 fashionable colors. Check out her site. Tell her she is Fabulous. Spread the LOVE..

GIVEAWAY: Kim at Babble Blossom is offering 1 lucky winner a choice of 2 items on her site.. So this is what you need to do. Follow my site.Go to her site tell her she is Fabulous,Spread the word and leave a comment as to what you want to win and tell me where you spread the word..

Christine at Strapdiva is offering 1 lucky winner 2 Strapdivas.. Please follow instructions mentioned above.. Good Luck!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today I say Good bye!

Well My friends.. Today I pack up my Kooba bag a return it to Avelle (Bag Borrow or Steal). I enjoyed using it. When It arrived it was wrapped in tissue with an Avelle sticker closure.. The leather on this bag is amazingly soft. It's a sad day, but I will be O.K. this bag will look nice on another renters arm. Thank you Kooba for being my friend for the month. Kisses..I will visit you and rent one of your friends next time. Don't be sad.. Check out rent an amazing bag for your next event or even to use at the grocery store.. Sure to make the sales clerks envious.Spread the love, tell all your friends.. This my friend, is the way to have handbags always have the IT bag and never have to pay the big price tag.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All you grillers out there this is a Fabulous Find

This is a must for all Entertainers,Grilling Gurus and the Average Joe. This makes a Fabulous gift for Holidays,Father's Day,Groomsmen,Wedding showers,Housewarming,Hostess to name a few. Grill Charms TM was invented by stay at home mom Leslie Haywood. She was just featured on Shark Tank and was accepted by one of the sharks. So you are asking what is a grill charm? Here's an example..Say your having a cookout and you have some guest wanting Medium Rare steak and others wanting well done. BEFORE putting the meat on the grill you give your steak a little bling by placing a grill charm in each piece of meat, stating how it's to be cooked. MR for Medium Rare,MW medium Well,R for Rare etc.. Get the idea? The charm remains in the meat thru the duration of the cooking process and transferred to your platter so your guests know what to take.. Fabulous, isn't it? I always run into a problem when cooking BBQ with some of my guest wanting spicy BBQ and the kids always wanting Mild BBQ these charms tell me which is which after they come off the grill. Got to love it.

Check out this video from Shark Tank and see Leslie talk about her product.

Leslie has been seen on:CNBC's The BIG idea with Donny Deutsch,Parenting Magazine,Health Magazine,Shark Tank and so many more.

So remember when thinking of a buying a great gift. Purchase Grill Charms TM. They are sure to please. Check out all the different themes: Steak collection,Spicy collection,Charmed life collection,Pink collection (Leslie donates 10% of sales towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer)


Leslie is offering you a $5.00 off your purchase coupon to use at . At check out Coupon Code is FABULOUS Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who doesn't want to be PERCHED in an amazing stool.

WOW.. Comfort and style I have a love for that combination. Sleek innovative stools that would love to hug any Bar,Kitchen or Stylish loft. The bent steel frame and curved reclaimed teak seat makes sitting a joy. The Perch is it's name and the Artist has an eye for creating something so extraordinary and functional. The materials are all vintage,reclaimed woods and natural metals. From the Source a leader in sustainable furniture. Featured at two major design shows. Bklyn Designs and The International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Sustainable furniture is on the up and up and a must have in your Home or Business. The Perch can be found at From the Source,ABC Carpet and Home, Sit down New York,Urban Outfitters and more... Retails for $275. Check out web site and see all the other amazing pieces made from recycled materials. A Fabulous Find..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Creating BUZZ for Bumbletee's Fabulous

Jan, the owner of bumbletee's has created a Fabulous line of clothing that has a unique whimsical style. I fell in love with her L/S T's. What makes her unique ,is how she incorporates different pieces of fabric together to make fun designs like a peace sign or Love etc. I have a L/S peace waffle T. It has been a big hit. Jan is a beautiful mom , she has support from friends and family and they help her sew these amazing pieces. Her packaging Oh My! As I have said many times.. I hope you are taking my advise.. Packaging makes a gift. Your items will come in a box with frayed yummy fabric tied at the handle. So stinking cute. Jan can be found in several upscale stores and you can buy right off her site Bumbletees. She has a special section. The Happy Hearts fund. When you purchase a heart Tee part of the proceeds gets donated to Mid-state Transplant. This is close and dear to her.. Please check out her site. Buy and wear one of her T's.. Spread the love..


Jan is Giving one lucky winner a Tee of their choice.. So get out there spread the word. Leave a comment, check out her site and remember leave her a comment and tell her she is FABULOUS!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shecky's Girls Night Out Event (Review)

Good morning to all you Fabulous women out there. Last night I went to New York. I was there to review a Girl's night out event put on by Shecky's an online and event destination for the up and coming trendy products in fashion and beauty. I arrived to find a little chaos. I suggest that if you attending any of there events to go early. The line was formed around the building. I was lucky to not have to wait. I walked around to see the vendors. There was an assortment of Jewelry,skin care,wigs,teeth whitening,eye lash extensions,hair curling systems. What I did notice is how the women were reacting to the free drinks. There wasn't any food other than sandwiches that you had to purchase and cupcake samples. The vendors that had demonstrations such as jewelry cleaning were cleaning rings but getting very little sales. I found the event to be fun if you wanted a night out with friends have some cocktails and shop. I was overwhelmed by the amount of Jewelry booths. A lot of repeats. There were a few things I found to be fabulous.

1. Soy Delicious moisturizing candles

2. Cupcake Stop

3. Fotini Designs

4. Bath by Riley

I will touch base on these companies more in other posts when I have product to offer.

All in all the night was fun. The place was hopping. The Dj keep the vibe alive and the drinks never stop pouring. The Goody bags were filled with some good products and coupons. Go to there site check out to see when they will be in a city near you. Grab a couple of friends and have a "Girl's Nigh out" with Shecky's.. If you attend an event please let me know. I would love your feedback.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who doesn't want a better sleep?

Cloud b This company was my saving grace. My daughter is 10 and has type 1 diabetes. Sleeping is not her favorite task of the day. She gets anxiety about being alone in her room. So the good mother that I am, always starts with her. After leaving her room,she always wakes up and comes to my room to get me to help her fall back to sleep. It's like having a newborn again LOL. So this is where Cloud b comes in to play. I found this company at the NY gift show. They have amazingly soothing sleep products. From soft blankets to crib friends to this Fabulous Product that has made me sane again. It's the twilight ladybug. I contacted the company to tell them I needed to try this product and feature it on my site.. Waiting for it to arrive was like waiting for x-mas morning. Upon it's arrival my daughter was so excited. We took it out of the box and waited for the sun to set and bedtime to arrive. She couldn't get in her room fast enough. This ladybug lite up the room with hundreds of stars. We were able to find the constellations big dipper,little dipper etc. Plus you can change the colors. Her favorite is green. I am now sleeping pretty good. The Ladybug goes on every night and shuts off by itself after 45 minutes. I want to thank Cloud b for giving me the opportunity to test and review this product. I have to say this would make a great gift for any child of any age.

Remember those stick on glow in the dark stars for your kids room? This item blows those out of the water. Please check out there site and products. They have many items that would make great shower gifts etc.. When you pop over there tell them Heather from The Fabulous Finds sent you.

Twilight Ladybug Features:
Full night sky projection on ceiling and walls
Three color options: Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green & Ruby Red
Shell illuminates for a calming nightlight effect
Auto shut-off — 45 minute sleep timer
Twilight Ladybug Star Guide to help identify constellations
Includes Twilight Ladybug story and adoption certificate
Three AAA batteries
Dimensions: 14" long, 5.5" tall
Ideal for ages 2 to adult

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday card that's sure to please

WOW.. That's all I can say about this amazing card from Sears. The card is called Christmas Club Card.You put as much money on the card as you want from now until November 14Th. You will then receive 3% back on the total amount that is on the card it will be added after midnight on the 14Th Of November. You can use this card at any Sears/Kmart even Lands' End. We all know that when it comes to the holidays we scatter to get our finances in order. This is a great way to put money away each week and let it build without the worry. The most Fabulous Part is you can add as much or as little as you want. After the 14Th of Nov you will have 3% more in your account. Who wouldn't want that? I know every little bit helps.. That's why my friends over at Sears are giving one lucky winner a $50.00 club card to get started. Think of all the amazing things you can buy for family and friends this holiday season. You know what to do follow giveaway instructions. Leave a comment,spread the word,visit a Sears/Kmart.. Start shopping early for the best selection. GOOD LUCK!


I have been given $50.00 gift card from SHC (Sears Holdings Corporation) to be given to 1 winner on my site. They have not paid me for this post. Please read at bottom of home page for full disclosure

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ellis Paul a must listen..

This review began after a friend asked me to listen to this guys music. His name Ellis Paul.. Folk singer with a lot of soul. I agreed and placed the CD in my player ( The Day After Everything Changed). I have to say, I loved the sound of his voice. The creative flow of the words got to me. My favorite song River Road.. Love it. I love that I can visualize what he is singing.. Lyrically I was hooked. I am always listening to alternative,pop and other mixes.. This was such a cleanse to actually understand the words being sung. Ellis Paul travels all over to spread his voice to many,many ears. I would say a true joy to listen to. Ellis Paul Has also created a children's CD. I have 3 kids and they loved it.. It's one of their Favs to listen to in the car.

Ellis began writing children's songs primarily for his two daughters who were 3 and 1 at the time. After the birth of his second daughter, he took off 6 weeks from the road, which is the longest he had been of the road in 18 years of touring.
His goal was to write songs that have messages he wanted to pass on to his daughters. Also, after hearing too much Barney, it was important that he write songs that parents would enjoy listening to over and over again. Ellis' adult fans that do not have children own and listen to this album! This album won Parents choice award..A new CD will be released in 2010.

Ellis is now working with his Best friend Kristain Bush from the Grammy Award winning country duo Sugarland. Here is a free download for a song on his new album 'The Day Everything Changed'. Ellis Paul has 15 albums and has been on the road touring for over 20 years. I hope you will love his music. Contemporary Folk.. Amazing. I am so glad I gave it a listen.. A new found friend.


Follow Giveaway instructions: Become a Fab friend, Twitter,Post on your own site,leave a comment,Visit Ellis Paul's site tell him he is Fabulous..

Ellis Paul Is giving 3 Lucky winners his new CD "The Day After Everything Changed" and His children's CD "Dragonfly Races " Here is a link so you can hear a little sample:

MEDIA: press related questions please contact Rachel Klein
FTC I (Heather Polke) haven't received any payments for this post nor product

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday! Spreading The Love...

Ladies Today Is Fabulous Friday I have two amazing women I am showcasing and spreading a little LOVE for them. First is:

Jennifer Cameron with Caroline Alexander her site is adorable. She creates amazing and fun things from one of a kind fairy houses and doors to personalized fairy dust. She also makes to die for flower belts and hair accessories. My jeans are screaming to wear one of these flower belts. Love them, Fabulous.. Jennifer also offers custom work. Please check out her site leave her a comment and tell her she is Fabulous.. Remember it's all about spreading a little LOVE..

Jennifer has offered one lucky winner a $25.00 Gift Cert to use at her site.. So spread the word.. Good Luck!

My next Fabulous Gal is Sherryl Mascarinas from Skylars Candyclips Her creations are adorable. Felt clips and headbands Oh My! We chatted over the summer. I was reading the Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society book.. A must read by the way. She has been a joy to e-mail and her site is great.. Check out her etsy site as well.. Please swing by and tell her she too is Fabulous.. Spread the Love.. Remember it will come back to you..

Sherryl has offered one lucky winner a Happy Flower Headband and matching Happy Flower hair clips of your choice.. Good Luck!

What's you signature scent?? Love Me Scents Fabulous!

Wow! Finally a creative way to travel and not have to worry about breaking your perfume bottle in your suitcase. This company Love Me Scents has created a travel perfume line that has smells like no other. I fell in love with the soft notes.. My Favorite is Love Me Under The Stars. Another is Love Me In The Garden. The scents are Earth Clean,fresh,grass Whisper Vanilla,musk,neroli,honey Sweetness Honeysuckle,rose,jasmine What I love is how clean you smell very simple,pretty scents. Each come in their own compact with the three scents you can mix and create your own. The packaging is adorable and each comes with a a little card that tells you about the scents. I love the concept. The understanding that what you give you get.. So always be Happy,Love life, Smile. Remember everything you do and say matters. Available in 5 scents check out their site Love Me Scents.

I also want to talk about something very special and that is the Blessed Bracelet. This bracelet has traveled around the world and has been blessed with love. I love this bracelet. I wear mine everyday as well as my sister and daughters. My daughter was crying last week because at the start of her soccer game the ref made her cut it off. Know one can wear any type of jewelry on the field. She was devastated..I am sure to get her another one and put it back on after soccer season. The thin dyed thread is wrapped around your wrist like a soft blanket and the little charm says Blessed. I really love it. The best, is a % of the sales from the bracelet is donated towards supporting various humanitarian causes. They retail for 9.99 a great gift for that special someone. Tell them Heather from The Fabulous Finds sent you. XO


These 2 companies are giving one lucky winner a Blessed Bracelet and Love Me In The Garden perfume compact.

**Follow Giveaway Instructions.. Good Luck!

I (Heather Polke) have not been paid by this company. I have received product that I am using as a Giveaway. At the bottom of home page you will find my disclosure. Thank you Heather P.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Need a special gift that's sure to WOW? Baby Bunch is the way to go..

OH My goodness. So stinking cute.. I fell in love when I saw these. Creator and founder Bryony Boxer and her husband were very creative to come up with this adorable concept. I love the cupcake onesies and flower bouquets. They make such a statement. I think a crowd pleasure.. You know when a new little one is born you want to buy a really special gift. I know I do.. I look high and low for that gift that will be remembered. Well if only this company was around when I was having my babies..I have said before in other posts that packaging makes a gift stand out and this company has the most adorable packaging but the best part, is what comes in the packaging. Hats,onesies,bibs all essential things we need when having a little one.. . This company has been featured on Martha Stewart and Martha herself made one of these creations with Bryony on her show. Check out Baby Bunch See all the different styles from lollipop onesies,baby bunches,gift baskets,cupcakes even organic cotton sets. This company is truly a Fabulous Find.


Baby Bunch was so kind to offer two amazing giveaways for one lucky winner. I box of four cupcake onesies size 0-6 months $35.00

Medium Baby Bunch pink 0-6 months $60.00

Please read Giveaway instructions..tweet become Fab friend (Follow) etc..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Want The Hottest Bag or Accessory without the wait? Bag Borrow Or Steal FABULOUS!

Ladies this is a must.. I had the privilege of borrowing a hot trendy bag from Bag Borrow or Steal. This is how it works.. Couture and trendy bags and accessories you rent. If any of you saw the movie "Sex in the city" you will see the hottest LOUIS VUITTON
Limited Edition Blue Denim Bowly Handbag carried by Carrie's assistant she talks about BBS in the movie.. Their is a waiting list for all the A-Lister's, But not thru BBS. You get to rent the bag for a week ,month or longer.. It's a pay as you use trendy handbag and accessory company. I am heading to NYC to write about an event called Girl's night out.. I wanted a hot bag and Now I am able to tote around an amazing Kooba "Jacinda" bag That retails for over $500.00. I am going to carry it with LOVE.. I am reviewing how Bag Barrow or Steal works.. Go on their site check out all the hottest handbags,jewelry,sunglasses. Sign up for an account and shop away.. Or rent away.. I bet all those Housewives on TV are taking advantage of this amazing company... I'm sure NeNe from Atlanta has an account with them.. She always has the latest Gucci bag I'm sure she's on the list.. So check them out sign up & rent. It's really easy and fun.. At check out tell them Heather From The Fabulous Finds sent you..
Jess over at BBS is offering one lucky winner a $50.00 Gift certificate to use towards a rental. Good Luck! Spread the word.. check out their site and follow giveaway instructions..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Spreading The Love On Friday! CLOSED!

Well I want to give some Love to Krissy over at B.Inspired Vintage. Also check out her blog binspiredmama


Krissy is giving one lucky winner 1 item of their choice from her etsy site.. Follow Giveaway instructions.. Good Luck!