Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lesson Learned


As I was shopping last night with friends. I found this adorable piece of what I would call art. I placed it in my cart and walked around the store asking myself if I really needed to have it? I spent an hour in the store my friends went off in their own direction and I kept looking at the piece I had displayed in front of me. Well, the time came to cash out at the register. Of course my friends were already done,cashed out and waiting for me at the exit. I swear not always the case. I looked over at them and showed them my "find" to ask what they thought. The response was great and one of my friends said this exact thing to me, "Does it make you smile?" My answer was obvious I had smile from ear to ear so out of the cart in to my bag and off I went. I love my purchase. So when you have that moment while shopping stop and ask yourself,"Does this make me smile?" If the answer is "yes" then buy it...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everyone loves a deal!

New Local Deal Discovery Service Aggregates the Largest Number

of Local Deals on the Web

The Dealmap™ also gives consumers easy access to popular daily deals with listings

from nearly 100 local daily deal sites

May 11, 2010 – MENLO PARK, CA – The Dealmap (, the most comprehensive source for consumers to find and share local deals, today announced the public launch of its service. Available now throughout the U.S. and U.K., The Dealmap aggregates more than 300,000 local deals on its website, and allows consumers to sign up for daily deal emails and deal alerts via Twitter in more than 20 cities. As part of today’s product launch, The Dealmap has also published publicly available APIs for its unique local deal data which developers can access from its website. Six launch partners have already signed up to use these APIs to integrate The Dealmap's content to enhance their services.

The Dealmap cuts through the maze of paper coupons, e-mail newsletters and stacks of newspaper ads to help consumers easily find local deals, coupons and discounts that appeal to their personal interests, all in one place. People will find deals for businesses in their neighborhood ranging from offers from national sources like, Citysearch and Merchant Circle, to deals from social media sources like Foursquare and Twitter, to the largest collection of popular daily deals, and even unadvertised, previously hard-to-find deals from individual merchants. By aggregating the largest number of deals from local businesses, providing powerful browsing and filtering functionality, and including game-like incentives and rewards, The Dealmap makes finding and sharing deals fun, useful and rewarding. Owned and operated by Center’d Corp., The Dealmap also integrates content and technology from the popular Center’d® site, including aggregated and summarized data from consumer reviews about local businesses to help consumers find deals based on their interests.

“The confluence of consumer demand for local deals, location-based services and social media presents a very large market opportunity, and we are well positioned to capitalize on these trends,” said Jennifer Dulski, co-founder and chief executive officer of Center’d. “Our local expertise, combined with our ability to integrate hundreds of partners, has enabled us to create an exciting and intuitive way for people to find and share great local deals.”

In the coming weeks, the Dealmap will also launch an iPhone application, enhancing the benefits of the service by allowing consumers access to the largest number of local deals where ever they are.

Bringing Hard-to-Find Deals Online

In addition to aggregating local deals from the largest number of existing sources, The Dealmap aims to make previously hard-to-find deals easily discoverable. Many such deals are not actively advertised and are only promoted at local businesses themselves. The Dealmap makes it easy for both businesses and consumers to add deals for free, and will make this functionality available on its soon-to-be-released mobile applications as well. To make submitting deals and using the site fun and competitive for consumers, The Dealmap has created game-like features and rewards. People can attain status levels, collect badges, and even receive free gift certificates by becoming “Deal Heroes” and submitting deals that help others save money. Businesses who submit deals can instantly gain distribution throughout The Dealmap network, including its website, social media applications, emails, partner sites, and future mobile applications.

Largest Local Deal Source Available to Developers

In conjunction with the launch of its service, The Dealmap has created publicly available APIs that enable developers to add unique local deal content to their sites or applications for free. The APIs allow developers to search for deals, businesses and locations, and to submit deals. A number of partners, including WHERE, AmericanTowns, BigTent, Drinksin, and Wantsa, have already signed up to use The Dealmap APIs to integrate local deal content into their respective services. Each company will highlight different use cases for the content, through a variety of mediums with different audiences, demonstrating the broad appeal of the content. More information on the APIs, including documentation and discussion boards, can be found at

“Having a number of companies already using our content is a great validation, and I’m excited to see what types of innovative applications other entrepreneurial developers create using our unique content and APIs,” said Chandu Thota, co-founder and chief technology officer of Center’d. “The scalable technology platform we’ve created for processing, matching and managing enormous amounts of local data has enabled us to bring a category-leading product and API to market very quickly,”

About The Dealmap

The Dealmap ( is the most comprehensive source for savvy consumers to find and share the hottest local deals, all in one place. The Dealmap aggregates the largest number of local deals on the Web from the largest number of sources, and makes previously hard-to-find deals available to consumers when and where they want them through its website and social applications, and its daily email. The site showcases discounts of up to 90% off multiple business categories, including restaurants, attractions, hotels, spas, salons, entertainment, shops and more. Using Center’d SentimentAnalysis™, The Dealmap also integrates detailed insights about local businesses, giving people the information they need to make better local purchasing decisions. Consumers and businesses can submit offers directly to the The Dealmap website.

The Dealmap is owned and operated by Center’d Corporation, a local search and discovery company that organizes and distributes unique content based on its SentimentAnalysis technology. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Center’d is led by former Microsoft and Yahoo! executives, and is funded by Norwest Venture Partners and KeyNote Ventures.


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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts that are Fabulous!

Love this... Special addition "Heartfelt Mothers Day" watch by Swatch this will make a special addition to her wrist.

O.K. this is a must for Mom. The products are amazing and a True Fab Find. Wen by Chaz Dean he has created a hair care line that is like NO other. The ingredient are organic and earth friendly and leave you with the most manageable and free flowing hair. You really have to try for yourself. Give that special women in your life Wen's hair care system she will look Fabulous!

I am all for skin care products. This one is a must share. Meaningful Beauty,Cindy Crawford's amazing and Fabulous skincare line. The anti-Aging system is amazing as much as her Age defying Products. You may have seen these products on TV and thought should I order... Well I have to say Yes, you should. This will please your loved one and the fact she will have younger looking skin. You will definitely put a smile on her face...

Forget the tanning bed Gift Certificate. That is so "Not Fabulous". Plus it's not good for her skin... Give her something that will give her a Healthy youthful glow. The Bronze Goddess Box by Nyx Cosmetics. This makes a great gift and one she will use everyday. So end the tanning bed nightmare and give her something she will Love...

OH! To be able to relax...Give her a gift that she can enjoy on her own. Deep Steep bath tea. Sounds soothing doesn't it. We all need to be pampered this is a great way to show your love...This formula of sea salts,Herbs and essential oils will sure please her mood and aching body. This is truly FABULOUS! Check them out Charlestonnaturally

Love this. Talk about Beautiful Packaging. This is such a great gift for Mom's who love the outdoors. BloemBox is a hidden treasure. The beautifully decorated box carries a garden inside. Amazing isn't it. little strips of paper embedded with seeds to be planted to attract humming birds,Butterflies and bumblebees. This makes a great gift,one she will always remember purchase at CharlestonNaturally

The Samsung G2 accomplishes both goals while also being eco-friendly, which means it's halogen-free, meets ROHS standards and provides low noise output and low power consumption. The G2 portable comes in four Fabulous Colors and capacities of 250GB to 640GB. This makes a Fabulous Mother's Day gift for the Tech mom...

Large Cosmetic Travel bag from The Elegant Setting This is a Fabulous Mothers Day gift. Add her initials to really make her traveling experiences special.